Providence Oil Company offers a wide range of innovative high tech services and solutions to our clients. We perform project management, consulting and technical support services to the Oil and Gas Industry. We provide consulting services in all phases of Petroleum Geology including:


  • Geological sub-surface mapping

  • Prospect generation and evaluation

  • Project development/management

  • Stratigraphic studies

  • Field and area studies

  • “Expert Witness” testimony

  • Production geology and field development

  • Evaluation of producing properties (sale/purchase/development)

  • Integration of 2D and 3D seismic data with sub-surface well log data

We will assemble, manage and supervise a team of professionals, including  geologists, geophysicists, engineers, and landmen for your projects.



Providence oil company typically uses the following procedures to create prospects, analyze areas of interest and conduct basin studies:


  • Literature search

  • Data search (electric logs, scout tickets, core data, production data, etc.)

  • Acquire digital base map (Lat. and Lon. data for well locations)

  • Search for available geophysical data (seismic, gravity, geochem, magnetics, aerial photos, etc.)

  • Determine tectonic setting in the area of interest.

  • Establish regional structural trends.

  • Correlate applicable well logs and construct x-sections.

  • Create subsurface structural and isopach maps on pertinent horizons.

  • Integrate seismic data with subsurface data.

  • Analyze engineering, petrophysical and other pertinent data

  • Prepare recommedations / final reports.

Providence oil Company is available to assist in developing exploration / exploitation programs and making the necessary presentations.





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